Sunday Blues

Sunday doesn’t have to be a day spent fearing Monday.

Sunday is a day in and of itself.

Sundays in Jamaica Plains became my favorite day of the week.

A day spent resting, praying, laughing, hugging, and studying late into the night with my best friend. 



When we worry so much about the day after, we forget that we have Sunday. Do something for yourself on Sunday- make it soulful & soothing.


(Image drawn by the The SketchKu Project


Check something off your to do list but try not to spend too much of today preparing for tomorrow’s work or school day.


There are TWO days in the weekend.

Don’t let anxiety make it one. 

Spend some part of today “off” and away from thinking about events that pertain to Monday through Friday.

I know you have homework or you can’t help it, but try just for a little bit. Do something that makes you smile.

Your smile is an act more important than crying through more studying after your brain says enough. Your smile is more important than putting the final touches on a presentation if in the process it causes you great stress.

Try not to say yes to something that translates to saying no to yourself.


Sunday Blues

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