On writing: Breakthroughs

I feel like the breakthrough always comes when I loose the shackles of perfectionism and give myself the permission to fail.

We’ll never get it until we fail a couple hundred times. Our body needs to learn its way around failure.

“This paper needs to be more tightly organized” is not a glaring comment on the papers failure, but a gentle critique allowing for the opportunity to dig deeper and unearth those gems.

In ice skating I spent more time on the cold hard ice than I did in the sky each time I learned a new jump.

Each time, my instructor would yell out what I did wrong. My eyes would burn from the tears, but I kept jumping and falling.

I would go home soaked and sad.

Then that breakthrough would come.

My speed would be right.
My feet would be in the right positions.
I would lean at just the right angle.
I would jump at the right time.

And I would land the axel or salchow.

And then…
She would clap once and say again!

And I would jump correctly in my sparkly leotard, soaking wet from falling more times than I had ever wanted to.

Failure hurts.
Failure is uncomforable.
Failure makes you want to stay on the ground.

If we don’t fall…
If my instructor didn’t tell me all I did wrong…

I wouldn’t know where I needed to improve in order to land the jump.

So, as much as it hurts, ya gotta allow yourself to fall.

So we can fly 🙂
Even if only for a second


On writing: Breakthroughs

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